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2009/07/06 Ch. 41 Cover | unnamed troll | Dead Earth
07/08 Chieftess, other trolls | troll territories - An execution is in progress
07/10 Chieftess, trolls, Ian - "In the name of the Five Great Mothers, what is that?"
07/13 Chieftess, trolls, Ian, Anita - Ian doesn't exactly get off on the right foot
07/15 Chieftess, trolls, Ian, Anita, Paul - The trolls are the reasonable ones here...
07/17 Chieftess, trolls, Ian, Anita, Paul - Ian's impassioned speech gets him suspected of being a "Marime"
07/20 Chieftess, trolls, Ian, Anita, Paul - Ian agrees, he's a Marime, but doesn't get quite the hoped-for reaction
07/22 Chieftess, trolls, Ian, Anita, Paul - The chieftess has figured out this "cursed land" and is going to bug out
07/24 Chieftess, trolls, Ian, Anita, Paul - Paul sets a serious barb in Anita
07/27 Ian, Anita, Paul, dead troll - Ian tries his hand at necromancy again ...
07/29 Ian, Anita, Paul, undead troll - ... And this time it works, which gives him another idea
07/31 Sarine, elves | far north - A bullet-riddled human corpse, and why it's there
08/03 Sarine, Yenhael, elves - Thanks (slightly) for bringing the human cannon fodder, Sarine
08/05 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Yenhael, elves - Yenhael is a serious heavy
08/07 Sarine, Jon, Yenhael, elves - Jon crosses the barrier; an elf ... doesn't
08/10 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Meji, Yenhael, elves - More elven blustering; Sarine counsels cooperation, sort of
08/14 Jon, Nookie, Kawaii - Jon gets some insights into Meji's thinking, and has a flashback
08/17 Sara, Meji, Ellis, elves - Not for the faint of heart when it comes to pain....
08/19 Sara, Meji, Ellis, elves - Making a run for it
08/21 Sara, Meji, Ellis, elves - Looks like Jon was effective for once

Note: Errant Commentary installments at the end of the chapter are not included (see separate article).

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