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2011/02/28 Ch. 49 Cover | Meji | Battlefield
03/03 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Nookie, Lieutenant (Tsuiraku), other Tsuirakuans | Praenubilus Astu - "You madman! You blew it up!"
03/07 Sarine, Jon, Lieutenant (Tsuiraku), other Tsuirakuans - "Shoot first, ask questions later" may not be the best idea here
03/10 Sarine, Sara, Misa, Kawaii, Tsuirakuans, elves - Ellis: "Fried elves smell like really good bacon!" Kawaii: "What's bacon?"
03/14 Sarine, Misa, Tsuirakuans, elves - Healing the fried elf while Misa reports
03/17 Sarine, Jon, Misa, Captain Aphel, Lieutenant (Tsuiraku), Tsuirakuans, elves - Rallying what's left of the elves as Sarine is rueful
03/21 Sarine, Misa, Captain Aphel, Nookie, Kawaii, Ellis - Sarine takes charge, for better or for worse
03/24 Sarine, Jon, Misa, Captain Aphel, Lieutenant (Tsuiraku), Ellis, Tsuirakuans, elves - Launching the Plan while Jon worries and Ellis pouts
03/28 Sarine, Misa, Captain Aphel, Lieutenant (Tsuiraku), Nookie, Tsuirakuans, elves - Disaster threatens, but Misa objects to Sarine's ordering her around
03/31 Sarine, Jon, Misa, Ellis - Sarine explains, but now Jon gets rebellious, too ...
04/04 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Nookie - ... But Sarine appreciates it (smooch) despite snarkage from the peanut gallery
04/07 Sarine, Misa, Captain Aphel, Lieutenant (Tsuiraku), Tsuirakuans, elves - Part I of Sarine's unconventional pep talk
04/11 Sarine, Jon, elves - Pep talk part II, but it actually stirs the elves; Jon has an insane idea
04/18 Ian, Anita - Anita is ready to declare victory and leave; Ian ... isn't
04/21 Jon, Ian, Anita, Paul - A reunion of sorts; Anita is suspicious, reasonably enough
04/25 Jon, Ian, Anita - Jon has an idea: Ian takes a food break while Jon takes an elven booty call ... right.
04/28 Jon, Ian, Anita, Nookie, Kawaii - Ian smirks, but Jon has a secret weapon up his sleeve: titmoths!
05/02 Jon, Sara, Ian, Anita, Paul, monks - And it even works! (Sort of.) Exeunt!
05/05 Sarine, Misa, Ian(?), elves - Sarine sees it! Rallying the elves for one last battle
05/09 Meji, Bani, Tsuirakuans | aboard an airship somewhere - Meji is not the most patient of people
05/12 Meji, Bani, General Izayoi - Meji jumps ship; the general doesn't like it, but what's to be done?
05/16 Meji - As the comic says, "hole." Really, what else is there to say?
05/19 Bani, Tsuirakuans - "Poit!"

Note: Chronicles of Heretic Knowledge omake interspersed with the comics and Errant Commentary installments at the end of the chapter are not included (see separate articles).

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