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Chapter synopsis: Sarine hatches a plan to get up north before the Tsuirakuans or elves do, and brings it off (just in time) with the assistance of Bani and some bribery

2009/01/12 Ch. 38 Cover | Sara, Bani | Flying into the Storm
01/14 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Meji, Ellis | Tsuirakushiti - Sarine is frustrated at her failure to mediate, and takes it out on a wall
01/16 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Meji - If only Sarine could get her hands on The Book...
01/19 Sarine, Jon, Meji - Meji reveals a datum about the book; Sarine is angry, but suddenly sees hope
01/21 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Bani - Trying to find a way to use the warp-gate system
01/23 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Meji, Bani - This is serious, world-saving-y type stuff, Bani!
01/26 Sarine, Meji, unnamed bookstore owner - Meji has a line on the book, and Sarine has issues with the word "No"
01/28 Sarine, Meji, unnamed bookstore owner - Sarine cuts a deal involving elven cultural treasures
01/30 Bani, Jiro, Kenichi(?) - Changing of the guard at Warp Gate Twelve
02/01 Sara, Bani, Jiro - Hey Jiro, remember me? Sara masquerades as Bani's cousin from Farrel
02/04 Sara, Bani, Jiro - Bani wants Jiro to show her visiting "cousin" around
02/06 Sara, Bani, Jiro - Sara is sheltered but flexible; Jiro will be a gentleman ... won't he?
02/09 Sarine, Jon, Bani - Never underestimate the power of orange cones
02/11 Sarine, portalmages - It's policy not to negotiate with terrorists, but bribery works where terror doesn't
02/13 Sarine, Jon, Meji, Ellis, portalmages - Meji is unwelcome; Jon is trigger-happy; Ellis is just sassy
02/16 Sarine, Meji, Ellis, portalmage - Meji tries to talk her way into the party, as Sarine just sighs
02/18 Kenichi, Tsuirakuans - Did they screw up the maintenance schedule for Warp Gate Twelve again?
02/20 Sarine, Jon, Meji, Kenichi - Kenichi makes an unwelcome discovery, is unwelcome himself, and gets cold-cocked
02/23 Sara, Jiro - The "distraction" is working, nakedly, until the alarm goes off
02/25 Sara, Bani, Jiro - Sara likes it rough; Bani gets a speedy surprise
02/27 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Meji, Ellis - Crunch time! Meji better come along, welcome or not
03/02 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Meji, Ellis, portalmages, NPC guards - The gate functions in the nick of time; the portalmages were "coerced"

Note: Errant Commentary episodes at the end of the chapter are not included. (See the separate article.)

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