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Chapter synopsis: Ian wakes up angry and perhaps insane, but is calmed by a sympathetic Anita; Meji and Ellis are jailbirds; Sarine, Jon and Sara start the journey to Praenubilus Astu, with banter on the way but an unfriendly welcome committee at the far end

2007/11/07 Ch. 31 Cover | Ian, Anilis(?) | Candles in the Rain
11/09 Ian, Evelyn, Riley | Santuariel - dreams of childhood, terminated by reality(?)
11/12 Ian, Anilis(?) - from a pleasant dream to a serious nightmare
11/14 Ian, Anilis(?) - the nightmare gets worse
11/16 Ian, Nessie | Ensigerum village - waking up in a really bad mood
11/19 Ian, Nessie, Anita, Eben, Paul - "Eben, give me your pants"
11/21 Ian, Anita, Paul - "Okay, yeah, pants ... pants sound good"; some nice scenery
11/23 Ian, Anita, Paul - Ensigerum backstory, and what's going on, Ian?
11/26 Ian, Anita, Paul, Evelyn - trying to explain, but Paul doesn't like Ian's answers
11/28 Ian, Anita, Paul - Paul really doesn't like Ian's answers!
11/30 Ian, Anita, Paul - Anita explains Paul's anger and his roots in Emerylon; the outline of a conspiracy emerges
12/03 Sarine, Jon, Sara | elven travel platform somewhere - Jon sings a weird kids' song; Sarine and Sara find it disturbing, but for different reasons
12/05 Sarine, Jon, Sara - Jon has memories of an odd wedding; Sarine explains the modern travel platform
12/07 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Meji, Ellis | Praenubilus Astu(?) - more travel-platform explanations, then "ZZARRRAK," while Meji and Ellis sing jailhouse blues
12/10 Meji, Ellis, unidentified elf - trying to blast out of jail, but it doesn't work (of course)
12/12 Sarine, Jon, Sara | Elven territories - Jon tries to joke about elven history, but it rings too true
12/14 Sarine, Jon, Sara - Sara made a JOKE?? We're making progress here!
12/17 Sarine, Jon, Sara - Sarine starts to think about how to get into Praenubilus Astu
12/19 Sarine, Jon, Sara - working out the tactics (in a way humiliating to Jon...), but somebody's out there!
12/21 Sarine, Jon, Sara, lots of elves - confrontation, and the good guys are outnumbered

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