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Chapter synopsis: Extended, violent, but ultimately inconclusive battle between the Anilis-possessed Ian and the elves; Meji links up with Sarine, Jon and Sara

2008/06/06 Ch. 34 Cover | Nisotta | Ashes and Dust
06/09 Ian, Meji, elves | Praenubilus Astu - Meji screams, the world listens, but Ian doesn't
06/11 Nisotta, elven lieutenant, other elves - status report (not good) and the next wave of combat
06/13 Ian, Gilliam, Nisotta (off stage) - Viradior ambush coming up, for all the good it'll do
06/16 Ian, Meji, Gilliam - Meji does her little bit to help, and Ian appreciates it
06/18 Ian, Meji, Gilliam(?) - Ian's starting to get into this elf-bashing thing
06/20 Ian, Meji, elves - Meji: "Ian, you go batshit crazy every time you try this stuff!" An Inanire 312 is deployed
06/23 Ian, Meji, Ellis, elves - the Inanire 312 works (sort of)
06/25 Ian, Nisotta, elves - particularly large explosion as the elves counterattack
06/27 Sarine, Jon, Sara - why are we running toward, not away from, the big explosion, Sarine? Sara is suspicious of her borrowed sword
06/30 Ian, Nisotta(?), elves - Ian doesn't look so good, but he's still moving
07/02 Ian, Nisotta(?), elves - surely that wound must be fatal ... mustn't it?
07/04 Ian, elves - fatal for someone, yes, but not Ian ...
07/07 Ian, elves - RAAAGGGHH!
07/09 Nisotta, Sarine, Jon, Sara, elves - Inanire 312s just buy time, but that's better than nothing; unexpected (and unwanted) reinforcements arrive
07/11 Nisotta, Sarine, Jon, Meji, Ellis, elves - Meji has been found, and yes, Ellis, you "helped"
07/14 Nisotta, Sarine, Jon, Sara - Sarine is bossing people around (of course) while Nisotta tries to reason with her
07/16 Nisotta, Sarine - painful as it is, Sarine realizes that Nisotta is making sense and understands her view of Errants; nobody is happy
07/18 Ian, elves - the Inanire 312 doesn't work this time, but...
07/21 Nisotta, elven lieutenant, Ian - this Inanire 312 works!
07/23 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Meji, Ellis, elf - Sarine is dejected, Meji is hacked up but will live; "cat, we're trying to be somber here"
07/25 Ian, Nisotta, elves - So close, but we have lift-off!
07/28 Ian, Nisotta, elves, Sarine, Jon, Meji - so Ian's on the loose, while Sarine and Jon watch and worry (and Meji just hurts)

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