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2009/11/04 Ch. 43 Cover | Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sara, Sarine | Getting What You Want (But Not What You Need)
11/16 Silman, Senilis | Senilis' chamber - Senilis did something, but what?
11/18 Silman, other elves, Senilis - "Senilis went right through him!"
11/20 Chicanery, Kawaii, Nookie, elves, Senilis - Paedagogusi as Greek chorus
11/23 Chicanery(?), Jon, Meji, Sara, Silman, elves, Senilis - Sara makes it very clear she doesn't want to be a god-host
11/25 Chicanery, Kawaii, Nookie, Jon, Meji, Ellis, Sara, Silman, elves, Senilis - Chicanery: "I forgot how funny these people are"
11/27 Chicanery, Nookie, Jon, Meji, Sara, Senilis - The rollover: "Flying god sperm! Heading right towards us!"
11/30 Jon, Meji, Ellis, Sara, Senilis, elf - Specifically, right toward Meji, and the elf doesn't like it
12/02 Jon, Meji, Ellis, Sara, elf - Sara to the rescue, as an elf takes a big fall
12/04 Chicanery, Kawaii, Nookie, Jon, Meji, Ellis, Sara, Silman, elves - The fairies are loose, and Chicanery's promised beatdown is coming
12/07 Chicanery, Kawaii, Nookie, elves - Beatdown in progress, but the "mixed things are getting away"
12/09 Kawaii, Nookie, Jon, Sara, Meji | city in the Far North - Meji is out of it, but Jon sees the danger, weird as it is
12/11 Kawaii, Nookie, Jon, Meji, Ellis - Jon: "Rather busy fleeing in terror right now, Meji!"
12/14 Kawaii, Nookie, Jon, Meji, Ellis, Sara- The Senilis-enhanced spell was a dud, to everyone's surprise
12/16 Kawaii, Nookie, Jon, Meji, Ellis, Sara - Nookie wants to level with the humans, but mainly, is just baffled
12/18 Kawaii, Nookie, Jon, Meji, Ellis, Sara - Dwarven juicer rejected as an option; can you help with Sarine?
12/21 Sarine, Elanin, elves | elven camp - Sarine is being held captive, but what's that noise?
12/23 Nookie, Jon, Sara, Sarine (offstage), Elanin, elf - Jon is definitely making himself understood
01/04 Kawaii, Nookie, Jon, Meji, Ellis, Sara, Sarine, Elanin, elves, - Exeunt, stage left, as Kawaii does some woofing
01/06 Kawaii, Jon, Meji, Ellis, Sara, Sarine - Sarine comes to, to be addressed by a remarkably polite Paedagogusi
01/08 Nookie, Jon, Sara, Sarine - Jon starts putting Sarine in the picture ... but ...
01/11 Kawaii, Nookie, Jon, Meji, Ellis, Sara, Sarine - The Tsuirakuans crash the party

Note: Errant Commentary installments at the end of the chapter are not included (see separate article).

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