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2010/04/05 Ch. 45 Cover | Meji | Coalescence
04/07 Meji, Ellis, NPC Guards | Tsuirakushiti - Meji wonders why getting Senilisized didn't change much
04/09 Meji, Ellis, Ian (offstage) - Ellis is about as sympathetic as usual, but Ian's getting in touch
04/12 Meji, Ellis, Ian | Tsuirakushiti, Ensigerum village - Ian starts to reveal The Plan ...
04/14 Meji, Ellis, Ian - ... But the conversation is becoming a bit -- heated
04/16 Meji, Ellis, Ian - Ian's getting defensive, but something is going wrong in his head ... maybe
04/19 Ian, Anita, Paul | Ensigerum village - Connection broken, and now Anita wants attention
04/21 Ian, Anita, Paul - Anita's sarcasm sets some earth moving in motion
04/23 Ian, Anita - Anita takes the flying saucer/mountaintop in stride
04/26 Ian, Anita, Paul - Paul: "I've been part of the Ensigerum since I was a child -- if it falls today, I damn well want to be there when it happens"
04/28 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Kawaii, Nookie - Jon is more patient with being locked up than Nookie is
04/30 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Kawaii, Nookie - Sarine counsels more patience (and is just about as successful as usual)
05/03 Jon, Nookie - Fairy vs. magically secured portal: portal wins the first skirmish, fairy wins the war
05/05 Jon, Kawaii, Nookie - Nookie is on a Mission
05/07 Nookie, NPC Guards - Nookie scours the city and finds what she's looking for ... but ...
05/10 Nookie, NPC Guards - Pieces of a golem are flying (you do not mess with an enraged Paedagogusi)
05/12 Nookie, NPC Guards - The second golem doesn't fare any better than the first one, which is saying something
05/14 Nookie, NPC Guard - A Yuuki staff isn't doing so well either
05/17 Nookie, NPC Guards - What's this about a "cheese and dragon on rye sandwich"?
05/19 Meji, Ellis, Nookie - Nookie definitely sees Ellis for what he is, but what's wrong with Meji?
05/21 Meji | who-knows-where - She's coming to, but on what plane of existence?
05/24 Meji - Fancy meeting you here!
05/26 Meji (twice?), Ian(?) - Presumably this will all make sense eventually, but not now...

Note: Errant Commentary installments at the end of the chapter are not included (see separate article).

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