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2010/01/27 Ch. 44 Cover | Ian | Above It All
01/29 Tsuirakuans, unidentified elf | Far North - Veni, vidi, vici, but there are lots of unconscious elves around
02/01 Tsuirakuans, Jon, Sara, Sarine, Kawaii, Heliomancer Mitzu - The interrogation isn't getting very far, so let's try it again...
02/03 Tsuirakuans, Jon, Sara, Sarine, Kawaii(?), Nookie(?), Meji, Heliomancer Mitzu - It still doesn't make sense, so let's crank up the Divination gadgets
02/05 Tsuirakuans, Jon, Sara, Sarine, Meji, Ellis - Meji tries to look after her friends, but something weird is going on
02/08 Tsuirakuans, Jon, Sarine, Meji, Mica, Rekki - Sarine starts to figure it out; huge magical power source ...
02/10 Tsuirakuans, Jon, Sarine, Meji, Ellis - ... Which, of course, is Mejinilis; time to blow this joint
02/12 Ian, zombified troll | Ensigerum village - Ian concludes that yes, he probably is evil now
02/15 Ian, zombified troll, Chris - Ian almost shoots the messenger
02/19 Ian, zombified troll, Chris - Ian doesn't like the message; is Chris joining the party?
02/22 Ian, Chris - Sorry to thwart your dreams, kid, but it's for the best
02/24 Ian, Chris - Ian confesses to Luminosita-cide, and Chris doesn't like it
02/26 Ian, Chris - Chris is avenging the death of his ghod!
03/01 Ian, Chris - Chris lands a blow, but while he's winning the battle, he's definitely losing the war
03/03 Chris - Rollover: "Oh please Buddha, when I die, let it not be in a way that makes me scream like an eight year old girl"
03/12 Ian, zombified troll, Chris - Ian blusters, but he's really just a softie at heart ... sort of
03/15 Ichiro Hinadori (Meji's Grandfather), General Izayoi, Meji, others | Tsuirakushiti - Gramps is honestly concerned about Meji...
03/17 Ichiro Hinadori, General Izayoi, Lucian, others - ... But not so much about the others; he tries to be polite, but the ambassador is in a bad mood
03/19 Ichiro Hinadori, Lucian, others - Lucian pushes things just slightly too far...
03/22 Ichiro Hinadori, Lucian, others - ... and is pronounced persona non grata with a vengeance
03/24 Ichiro Hinadori, Lucian, others - Repeat in your best Bugs Bunny accent: "This ... means WAR!!"

Note: Errant Commentary installments at the end of the chapter are not included (see separate article).

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